Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Catching Up

Once again, life has interfered and kept me from updating the ol' blog. On a good note, I'm about to be done with BLOGGER. I'm in the process of setting up a new one over at Squarespace. I read Tiffany Tillman's blog, and it was so cute I couldn't resist. It's a bit more customizable, so I can't wait to get it up and going.

Yesterday I had the appointment with Dr. R, my wonderful cosmetic surgeon. The procedure I am having is actually quite a bit more expensive than we were planning on, so we may have to wait until September. Hopefully not, but we'll see. I am still sticking to Weight Watchers, though the urge to devour a hamburger in a single gulp has crossed my mind more than once. I've lost 10 lbs. so far. I can't really tell. But, the scale says I have, and I know it doesn't lie. It just reminds me of how far I have left to go. My spirits are high, though. And, I'm so completely excited about the surgery. After talking to Dr. R yesterday I am much more comfortable and less scared about the whole thing. And, when it's all said and done, I'll have a clean slate- a second chance, if you will. Goodness knows we all deserve a second chance.

Another exciting thing.... I'm in The Apprentice Challenge at I've made it to the second round. We'll find out if I've made it past there next week. I'm going to be on eggshells until then. I've learned a lot so far. And they've told me it's safe to post my kit here for all to see, so here it is... Please take a moment if you will to stop by the gallery and leave me some love!

And, the way coolest thing ever.... THE PURPLEPAPERFLOWERS.COM GRAND OPENING STARTS FRIDAY AT 5PM!!! Yep. I'm a little bit excited about that. We have sooooo many fun new things going on over there. Make it a point to come by.

For now... I think that's it. I'm behind, as always, so I'm off to work again.

More soon~ Amanda

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